We provide jewelry items at no-risk to non-profit organizations!

After realizing that many charitable auctions are lacking in the jewelry department, we decided to design a line of jewelry with the auction environment specifically in mind. They are all items with high perceived value, sturdily made, and easy for any jeweler to size if needed.

Over the years, we have had excellent results. A very high percentage of our items sell, adding significant income to the non-profit entities success. We are delighted with the positive comments from the attendee’s, who praise the quality of the jewelry and the very concept of having jewelry at these kinds of events.

We have developed an easy system that allows us to help non-profits without adding to their workload. We help you develop a selection of jewelry items that will dazzle your crowd and when possible members of our team attend the auction in order to answer questions and speak with your donors. In addition, we handle all of the back end work, such as ring sizing and questions, after the auction is over. With this system, the non-profit takes no risk when including jewelry in their auction.

We would love to be able to help contribute to the success of your auction. If you have any questions or would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. In addition, we would be happy to show you examples of some of the specially designed pieces of jewelry. You will be very impressed with the amazing value it offers your donors!

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Auction Testimonials:

The jewelry was the highlight of the event. We were so excited at the response by our donors. I had several comments thanking us for expanding the selection of our items into something new and that they really liked the jewelry! We were also pleasantly surprised by how many donors thought the jewelry was really a great value. We had 35 items on display and sold 31, much of it with several competing bids. The extra profit from the jewelry sales made this the best event yet!
Melinda Beswick, CEO
Anaheim Memorial Hospital

I can’t stress enough how much the jewelry helped us reach and exceed our fundraising goal. The ladies especially loved the styles, and most commented on what a great “deal” it was! It was the most crowded table by far. Almost every item sold (24), and some sold multiples at the guaranteed maximum price.
Debbie Valles, Principal
St. Francis School

I highly recommend including jewelry in your next non-profit event. This was the first year we offered jewelry, and it won’t be the last. The jewelry was gorgeous; In fact I bought a piece for myself! Donor feedback was excellent, with praise for the quality, variety, and value. Next year the jewelry will get a very prominent spot, and we will ask them to bring more items as well. The extra profit we made on the jewelry put us over the top.
Boys and Girls Club

We hesitated at first to offer jewelry at our annual Fiesta as we had never done that before. Now that we have tried it once, we want them back with three times as many items next year. Every single item sold! There was great bidding, and the extra profit made on the jewelry was substantial.
Gary Richens, Police Commander, event manager
San Antonio Church

A quick word of thanks for the terrific work and quality merchandise provided by Anaheim Hills Jewelry and Coin Mart to help benefit Special Olympics Southern California.  I was thrilled when my wife found JUST the ring she wanted in the silent auction at the John Wooden Classic Dinner.  And your prices were so reasonable; I was able to buy her the matching earrings!  Talk about making it easy on a guy…
Your business is first-class all-the-way. We appreciate your generosity, heart for the community AND your top-notch merchandise and service.  Best wishes for a bright future!
Bill Shumard
President & CEO
Special Olympics Southern California

Our fundraising auction was a success thanks to your involvement.  The pearl necklace was especially popular!
Whittier Public Library

I was very impressed with the jewelry at the recent auction. My wife loved several pieces and I was lucky she narrowed it down to just one!
Dennis Kuhl, president of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

My wife is thrilled with the diamond tennis bracelet we got last night! We both feel like we got a really good deal!
Neil Strecker, Laura’s House

The jewelry added a whole new dimension to the event! I am so happy to see something that excites me while my husband looks at things that interest him. Great designs. Excellent value. I hope you come back with more jewelry next year!
Sherry Cain
Executive Director, Miss Anaheim Scholarship