5 Things All Watch Owners Should Know

Read on for practical information to keep your watch in tip top shape!

1. Water resistant does NOT mean water proof!

This might seem self explanatory, but more people bring in their watches for repair due to water damage than you would believe. It is expensive to repair, if it is repairable at all.


2. What to do when your watch DOES get water in it:

Put the watch in the freezer, and/or take it to a reputable watch repair place to get it cleaned and dried out properly to avoid severe damage.


3. Get your watch serviced!

Rolex recommends to service your watch every six years. A service entails disassembling, cleaning, and lubricating the movement. Gaskets will be changed and if applicable, your watch will be tested to ensure that it is waterproof.

4. Be careful when cleaning your watch

Don’t submerge your watch in water, and make sure the crown is screwed down before brushing it, otherwise you may do more harm than good to your watch!

Come in to see us and we'll clean your watch for free!
5. Replace batteries right away to avoid leakage

Don’t leave that beloved watch in a drawer for years. A battery, if left inside will likely leak and ruin the watch.

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