Jewelry Insurance Guide – Should You Get It?

Why get it? Who should get it? How to get it, and what it will cost you!

If you’ve ever owned jewelry, its likely you’ve heard of jewelry insurance. But what does it really mean, how much does it cost, and should you actually get it? We’ll help you answer those questions here!

WHY get it?

Jewelry insurance provides you financial coverage through a major insurance companies (Statefarm, Jewelers Mutual, Farmers, etc) in case of a robbery, mysterious disappearance, or damage!

Standalone Jewelry insurance is VERY different from homeowner's insurance!

WHO should get it?

If you’re too worried about losing or damaging your jewelry to wear it, jewelry insurance is for you! Jewelry is made to be worn, not locked away in a safe!

HOW do I get it?

Insurance companies require an appraisal from a certified GIA Graduate Gemologist done in the last three years. This appraisal will provide the insurance replacement value for your item, along with a detailed description and photo of your jewelry in the event it needs to be replaced in the future.

Call us at (714) 685-9222 to get your appraisal today! (same day available)

WHAT will it cost me?

You can insure your items for the full, or partial amount of the appraised insurance replacement value. Typically insurance costs about $10/month per $10,000 that is insured. That’s not bad for some peace of mind when out on the town!

Read on for six MORE things you should know about jewelry insurance here! 

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